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Wig Selection Guide – What Kind of Wig Is a Good Wig

Facing the dazzling array of wigs on the market, I believe that many partners have heard the most when they are planting wigs. The bloggers say that they must buy a good wig that suits them. So what kind of wig is a good wig? 


1. The mesh of the wig

Because the mesh bottom of the wig is to be in contact with our scalp, the mesh material of the wig determines the breathability, comfort and fidelity of the wig. If you sweat a lot and are afraid of heat, choose a lace mesh bottom, which has strong breathability but poor fidelity and is not suitable for bare hairline styling. If you want to have a big back, you can choose a thin PU mesh bottom. The hairline is realistic and the material is light and delicate. At the same time, the air permeability is poor and the mesh bottom is fragile.

2. Wig hair quality

There are about three main materials for wigs on the market today, namely: chemical fiber silk, human hair, and mixed hair. Relatively speaking, the best quality wig material is definitely human hair, but its price is also the most expensive. , followed by chemical fiber silk or animal hair mixed with human hair. These two types of wigs are relatively inexpensive and cost-effective, and the effect of the wig looks very realistic. If there is a rigid demand, it is recommended to choose real hair. If you are playing with it, chemical fiber wigs are enough. Under the same light source, the reflection of the chemical fiber light source is stronger than that of human hair. The chemical fiber feels hard to the touch, not as soft as human hair. When distinguishing, we can use a lighter to burn a few hairs to see, the chemical fiber hair point It will emit black smoke and form hard black lumps in the future, and there will be a pungent smell during the burning process. . Human hair wigs will not emit black smoke after lighting, and will turn into powder after burning, and it will melt with a gentle squeeze, and there is no unpleasant odor.

3. Wig technology

Wig crafts can be classified into three types: fully hand-woven (the entire hair cover is crocheted by hand, light and realistic, with good air permeability), woven (the entire hair cover is made by machine, with average fidelity and average air permeability), half The machine is half-handed (partly handmade, partly machine-made, the top of the head is realistic, and the air permeability is average), the price must be clear at a glance, the most customers do is this kind of hand-woven in the front and woven in the back, which not only saves money, but also solves the problem of the whole machine. The lack of weaving is the best choice for many girls!

4. Size, firmness

Although the size does not affect the quality of the wig, it does affect the wearing experience of a good wig. Too small has a feeling of tightness and restraint. It is too big to be obedient, and it is easy to fall off, so the step of measuring the head circumference must not be ignored!

As the saying goes, a good horse has a good saddle, how can a good wig not have a good fixing method? Clip fixing: The clip fixing method is simple and convenient to wear, but the area of the wig is required to be larger than the original hair loss part, so that it can be fixed on the surrounding healthy hair. Adhesive is more docile, but it needs to shave off the thin and soft hair in the original alopecia area. It is relatively suitable for bald heads, but it varies from person to person, depending on which way you like.

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