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Fixed Wig Guide – Three Ways to Fix a Wig

We recently found that many friends who want to try wearing wigs have no concept of wigs and have no idea how wigs are fixed, so today we will introduce you to several ways to fix wigs.


1. BB clip

The BB clip is a small clip sewn into the wig. This fixing method is the most common in wigs. By default, wigs are fixed with clips. There are generally 3 small clips, one under the back of the head and one at the left and right temples, distributed in a triangular shape. When wearing it, break the clip off, stick it in your hair, and then close the clip. Because the triangle is the most stable shape, the BB clip is so strong that you won't be able to pull it off (unless it's attached to the hair).

2. Special film/glue for wigs

What if I have a bald head and no hair and can't use a BB clip? That's just sticky tape or glue. The film and glue are applied just a little outside the hairline and do not come into contact with the hair follicles, so they will not affect hair growth. The firmness is also very good, and it doesn't matter if you wear it to sleep. Like a wig with a lace inner net, whether it is bald or not, it must be worn with viscose. The wigs used in costume dramas are lace wigs that are glued together. It won't fall off when you hang Weiya, jump up and down, and turn somersaults. It can be seen that the firmness of the viscose is still very good. Of course, friends with hair can also choose to wear viscose. Although viscose is more troublesome than using clips, the experience is better than BB clips, because some friends will have a drape or feel a little after clipping. Pull hair. Therefore, friends who are not afraid of trouble can choose to wear wigs with viscose.

3. Non-slip silicone

The non-slip silicone is mainly prepared for bald friends who do not want to stick to the film or glue. It is sewn into the wig headgear and in direct contact with the scalp. But the anti-slip silicone can only play the role of anti-slip, and it is not sticky itself, so the firmness is not as good as that of film and glue. When it is subjected to external forces, such as pulling and pulling, it will cause the wig to shift.

There are basically only these three ways to fix wigs, but most of the wigs sold in wig shops are wigs with BB clips. What should I do if I want to wear a bald head? It's also very simple, just ask the merchant to remove the BB clip and change it to non-slip silicone.

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