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Synthetic Wig Dyeing Instructions: Step by Step Guide

Dying your wig may be an option if you're running low on closet space or if you're seeking to freshen up an old synthetic wig. Some things to keep in mind before you get started:

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Is It Possible to Dye Synthetic Hair?

Synthetic wigs can technically be dyed, but this is not something we encourage because you run the risk of permanently damaging your wig. Like human hair wigs, some wigs are easier to colour than others, such as synthetic wigs, which are more difficult to dye.

Wigs made of synthetic fibers are less expensive than those made of real human hair, and they are available in a wider range of colors and styles. When you're sick of your present wigs, the best solution is to go out and buy a new one in the color you like. For those who want a quick DIY project and are ready to risk an aging wig, here are some instructions!

Dying Synthetic Wigs: The Challenges

In order to dye synthetic wigs, you must use fibers such as Polyester, Acrylic and Polyvinyl. Regular hair dyes won't work on synthetic wigs since synthetic hair doesn't have the natural hues that real hair does. Fabric colours developed for polyester and synthetic textiles, on the other hand, are what we suggest you use.

Synthetic wigs can't be bleached, which means you're probably also asking how to lighten a synthetic wig. This necessitates the use of a dye that is a shade darker than the wig you intend to dye. It's normally the most straightforward to colour white wigs, silver and pastel wigs.

Exactly What You're Looking For

You'll need the following to colour a synthetic wig:

– 1 synthetic wig that can withstand heat

– The colorant in one bottle (for polyester and synthetic materials)

– 3 quarts of water

– A cooktop for an open flame

– Water \sNewspapers

– Toxic-Free Gloves

If you don't mind putting dye on your clothes, we also recommend wearing old clothes or an old apron. Make sure that the wig you're dyeing is heat-resistant as well.

This is how you do it:

When it comes to dyeing synthetic hair, the following is the procedure:

Take precautions to avoid injury. Avoid getting dye on your favorite shirt or your hands by wearing old clothes or an apron and wearing disposable gloves. The dye can be washed away with soap and water or a mixture of baking soda and water if it gets on your hands. If not, it'll start to shed in about a week or two. In order to protect your office floors, we also suggest putting down a layer of newspaper around the perimeter.

a large saucepan of water should be brought to a boil If you're dying a wig, make sure the pot you use is large enough to accommodate the wig. Always measure the water you're boiling before you add the fabric dye; you'll need around 3 tablespoons of color per cup of boiling water.

Add the dye to the mixture. The fabric dye should be added once the water has boiled, and the temperature should be reduced to a simmer.

Do not use conditioner on your wig. Make sure the wig is moist before putting it in the dye pot. This will make the dyeing process go more smoothly.

Add the wig to the stew. ' The darker your wig gets, the longer you leave it in the pot. Take it off after you've got the hue you want, and keep an eye on it. There is no need to walk away from your wig if you are trying to achieve a perfect shade.

Then, rinse your wig in cold water until the clear water comes out of the drain.

Allow the wig to air dry on a wig stand.

If you've ever attempted to color synthetic hair, you know how difficult it can be. Regardless of how beautiful the results are, we do not recommend coloring synthetic wigs.

Your Human Hair Wig Can Be Colored Like Your Natural Hair

Dyeing human hair wigs darker is an option. Human hair wigs, on the other hand, should not be bleached or lightened because doing so could cause significant damage to the hair.

A wig stand is a must-have.

– Hair dye and a hair developer with a 20% concentration.

– A dish made of plastic

– Hand Protection

– A comb or brush

The following items are required for hair drying:

When it comes to dying your human hair wig, here are some pointers to keep in mind:

If you're going to color your human hair wig, you'll need to take particular care of the cap base and lace front because dye stains can't be erased. Before dying, cover the frontal lace and parting lines with a thick layer of Vaseline to prevent dye spillage.

If you aren't happy with the results, wait a few hours before proceeding with the rest of your hair dyeing.

Colors like platinum blonde wigs can be dyed more easily than darker tones.

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