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Wig Pit Prevention Guide – When Buying Wigs, You Must Pay Attention to These Points

Many friends say that buying wigs has been tricked, and we are really heartbroken. Is it because we usually don’t know enough about popular science! Then today we will divide it into 3 aspects and give you a small guide to prevent pits!


1. Hair quality

The hair quality of human hair wigs is graded. Of course, there is also the hottest and hottest chicken color hair, which is hair dyed with white hair, yellow hair + special treatment. Many merchants mark their real hair as “real hair smooth”. Don’t feel that this wig is very high-end when you see real hair, you must ask clearly what level of hair is. If you have a sufficient budget, it is recommended to buy smooth braided hair; if you are looking for cost-effectiveness, buy smooth cut hair; you must not buy spicy chicken soaked hair, basically it will be hairy after washing.

2. Process

The wig process is divided into hand weaving and machine weaving. Hand weaving is further divided into ordinary hand weaving process without simulated scalp and needle delivery process with simulated scalp. The needle delivery process is divided into top needle delivery, partial needle delivery, first half needle delivery, the front and rear needles and the whole head are passed. Most people are probably dizzy when they see these, but it is recommended that everyone must distinguish clearly, because the process is different, the price can be much different. In fact, it is very simple. The needle delivery process is named according to the area of the simulated scalp. The top needle delivery means that the top of the head is rotated to simulate the scalp. The first half of the head refers to the front half of the head, which is the simulated scalp of the needle. Front and back refer to the front and back. There is no artificial scalp on the side, and the full head means that the entire wig is a simulated scalp.

3. Length

Many friends have complained about why we use inches instead of centimeters as the length unit of wigs, because inches are the most official and orthodox length units for wigs. On the contrary, everyone must pay attention to those who are only marked with centimeters, and they may be pitted if they are not careful. This is because the wigs are divided into odd-numbered inches and even-numbered inches, the odd-numbered inches are the tail of the hair, and the even-numbered inches are spliced with the upper and lower layers of short hair. For example, the length of a 17-inch wig is 45 cm, while the length of a 14-inch wig is 50 cm. The 17-inch hair is 45 cm from top to bottom, but the 14-inch hair is 50 cm spliced with two layers of 35 cm hair. This is also a place that is very easy to be pitted. Be sure to ask the inch size, or ask if the hair ends together.

Hair quality, craftsmanship and hair length are also the basic factors that determine a wig. As long as these three factors are a little different, the price can be a few hundred dollars different, so be sure to ask clearly when you buy it, and don’t be confused by those wigs, deceived by sexual words.

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