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How to Choose a Wig – 3 Elements of the Method

Generally, the old hair loss person has a choice of wig brands from Gujia. After all, he has experienced it, and there is no problem of choosing not to choose. The problem is that the novice hair loss person may not know much about wigs, so how to choose a wig?


How to choose a wig? The correct way to choose a wig should be like this

1. How to choose the wig material

Speaking of wigs, the first thing to pay attention to is the material of the wig. According to relevant media data, among the hair loss crowd, the trend of feminization and youth is obvious. However, due to the deep-rooted traditional thinking, people who are troubled by hair loss would rather spend money for treatment and hair transplantation than spend money on wigs. But in fact, from a health point of view, wearing a wig is the best choice for health and fashion. Users who want to enjoy high-end products and can accept more expensive fees can choose full human hair wigs. The wigs made of real hair can be integrated with their own hair, with high fidelity, perfectly showing the authenticity of wearing.

2. How to choose a wig color

The color of the wig is also an important factor in the modeling. The color of the wig that suits your skin tone is undoubtedly a plus point in the modeling. Although the white skin tone is naturally beautiful, if the color of the wig is not selected properly, it will look very unhealthy, and light brown. Reddish and very soft colors such as red and light brown will make the face look rosy and lively; if the skin is yellow, you can choose darker colors such as natural black and light brown, which will make the yellowish skin appear much fairer; natural The complexion looks healthy and shiny, and there is a lot of room for choosing hair color, such as yellow, brown red, wine red, dark purple, dark coffee, etc. are all suitable; users with severe skin melanin precipitation should choose some hair color. Natural black, dark orange, etc. will complement the complexion.

3. How to choose a wig style

The wig should be matched with the face shape: for a long face, you can choose medium and long wavy curls and wigs with bangs, which can shorten the face shape visually; for round faces, you can choose some medium and long hair styles that can cover the cheeks, so that the face can be as long as possible. Make the plump face look petite; for the oval face, you can choose some bangs forty-six or thirty-seven points, and the overall large wavy wig makes the smooth lines set off on the lower palate, which will make the whole face look lively and graceful. Streamline sense; the outline of a square face is more obvious, you can choose short fluffy and slightly curly hair with a chin, and a wig with oblique bangs, which can modify the water chestnut of the face and make the face look softer; diamond-shaped face – choose medium length The hairstyle is more suitable, the forehead is fluffy and the mandible is fuller, which will make the overall feeling more harmonious.

The above is a comprehensive interpretation of "how to choose a wig?", hoping to help newbies with hair loss.

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