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Why Chinese Wigs Are so Popular in America

Because the demand for wigs in the United States is large, and the labor cost of making wigs in China is low, a wig that costs $300 in the United States can be bought in China for only $100. Why don't Americans do it? Next, let's talk about why the market for wigs in the United States is so big.

First, the data from major websites shows a trend – wig sales exploded around the holidays. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion that there are many parties in the United States, and everyone will dress up to attend. According to different party themes, choose various or exaggerated, or smooth, or curly wigs, they have become an indispensable decoration. Taste. Secondly, in the United States, in addition to pursuing new and different styles, wigs are actually a rigid need. The United States is called "the melting pot of nations", where all races of the world live here, and different cultures collide with each other. And white and black hair is a problem that has plagued them for a long time. Both Caucasians and Blacks have serious hair loss problems. Their hair is oval in cross-section. In addition, their diets are mostly high-calorie and high-fat foods, which can easily cause excessive body fat. Causes hair follicles to be blocked, making it easier to lose hair. There is a saying that goes like this: "It is said that half of the hair in Hollywood is fake"

Small wigs have become a weapon to save their appearance, even Hollywood stars are using them, and these ordinary people who are troubled by hair loss are rushing to it. And black people have been deeply troubled by their hair for a long time. Their hair is naturally fine, curly, and fluffy, and it is difficult to take care of it.

This is the closest to their natural native hairstyle. In American culture, it is considered indecent to appear in front of others with such unkempt hair. Therefore, African American women wear wigs when they appear in social situations, and if they want different hairstyles, they need to buy wigs with different styles. And in the U.S., if you have straight or curly hair, the more beautiful you are, the more financially you have. To sum up, in American culture, wigs are just like clothes, jewelry, and shoes. They are a necessity in people's lives. The United States has a great market demand for wigs, and China has the labor and material resources to make wigs. Supply and demand It can be perfectly matched, and Chinese wigs will naturally be warmly welcomed in the United States!

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