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Wigs that are Short and Sassy: 15 Short Wig Styles You Have to Check Out

There are an infinite number of reasons to adore short wigs, particularly short wigs with a sassy attitude. They are not only comfortable to wear but also simple to care for, easy to style, and have a wide range of additional benefits. To make matters even better, short wig styles are also extremely fashionable right now. A cute wig with a cropped cut is the ideal accessory to complete your look with a touch of sass, intelligence, and sauciness.

Have a look at these 15 short and sassy wigs to find your next fabulous do!

1. A Tousled Choppy Pixie Cut
This simple, short wig is ideal for when you just need to grab it and go. You're going to adore how it looks tousled!

2. Pixie Cut Adaptable
This chic pixie cut virgin hair new has a monofilament cap and a lace front for a more natural look. Create a super cool look by pinning it back and styling it away from the face to create spikes.

3. A Style That Is Short and Spiky
You don't need to look any further if you want a spiky do! A sassy appearance can be achieved with the help of this wig. If you like things on the spicier side, give the red version a shot.

4. A Contemporary, Low-Key Hairdo Wig
This pixie cut has been given a contemporary appearance by having the top portion of the hair cut longer than the sides. Styling this piece is a breeze thanks to the monofilament top and lace front!

5. The Messy and Sassy Cut
This Raquel Welch wig is way too hip for a classroom setting. This lace-front monotop virgin hair new is sure to flatter thanks to its lovely layers that are included in the design. If you want to look extremely fashionable, give it a shot in a muted hue.

6. Piecey Pixie Cut
This pixie cut really stands out from the crowd thanks to its abundant volume and its piecey tendrils. Simply running your fingers through the layers of this wig will allow you to style it.

7. A Short and Sassy Wig with Layers That Swept Backwards
This short virgin hair new has sweeping layers that give it a sweet and sassy appearance in equal measure. This wig is extremely realistic and incredibly comfortable thanks to the lace front, monofilament top, and hand-tied cap construction.

8. Sweet and Sensual Tresses
This short and sassy wig frames the face with longer strands in the front, giving it a more dramatic appearance. In addition, the monofilament part creates the illusion of natural hair growth, while the lace front and heat-friendly synthetic hair offer greater styling options.

9. A Textured Look That Has Been Flipped
This fun and flirty vibe is given off by the flipped-out layers that are featured on this short virgin hair new style. This fashionable wig is ideal for use during any time of year.

10. Layers That Are Packed With Volume
This short, textured cut features a playful fringe and layers that have been flipped over and razor cut for a full appearance. The longer length creates the impression of femininity and carefree abandon, which is very flattering.

11. The sophisticated stacked-bob haircut
This stacked bob cut features long strands in the front of the hairstyle, as well as a sweeping fringe that frames the face. This short and sassy wig has a ton of body thanks to the stacked look in the back of the hair.

12. Structured Appearance with an Asymmetrical Approach
This cut is sophisticated yet edgy, and it gives the impression of an asymmetrical look thanks to the longer hair on one side. This sleek virgin hair new is undeniably a fashionable option to go with!

13. A Clever and Tapered Cut
This pixie cut with tapering gives off an air of sophistication and cool while still managing to maintain its fun and feminine vibe. This chic wig also features a monofilament part, which helps to create an authentic appearance.

14. The tousled and texturized bob cut
This short wig is intentionally messy, edgy, and sassy, and it features an exceptionally cool textured fringe. I couldn't have asked for a better "I woke up like this" look. A bonus feature of this wig is that it can be styled however you like thanks to the heat-friendly synthetic hair.

15. A Beachy Bob with a Razor Cut
This bob haircut has a few layers that have been razored off, giving it a look that is hip, laid-back, and casual. Wearing this lace front, partial monofilament wig will make you feel like the epitome of a California girl.

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