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Why is Peruvian Hair so Expensive?

Why is Peruvian Hair so Expensive?

Peruvian hair has become one of the most coveted human hair types on the market. But its premium price tag leaves many wondering – why is Peruvian hair so much more expensive than other hair extensions?

The high cost of top-quality Peruvian hair bundles can be explained by understanding the unique attributes of this hair type and what goes into sourcing and processing it. The labor-intensive production process required to maintain the integrity and beauty of Peruvian hair is what drives the elevated pricing.

What Makes Peruvian Hair Unique?

Peruvian hair has distinctive features that set it apart from other hair types:

  • Very soft, smooth, silky texture
  • A natural light brown to dark brown color
  • High gloss and shine even when dark
  • Thick from root to tip, with lots of volume
  • Blends seamlessly with African American relaxed textures

This combination of softness, shine, and ideal texture is hard to duplicate, which is why top-quality Peruvian hair commands premium pricing.

imageRigorous Sourcing and Selection

Much time and effort goes into collecting and sorting the best Peruvian hair:

  • Agents carefully select donors with healthy, virgin hair
  • Hair is gathered through temple donations and hair salons
  • Each strand is meticulously inspected and selected
  • Only the highest grade, intact, cuticle hair is chosen
  • Hair from multiple donors is blended for consistency

This selective collecting process eliminates substandard hair, retaining only the top 5% of donated hair. This pushes up costs but ensures consistently beautiful hair.

Precise Processing Methods

Peruvian hair is carefully processed to preserve the cuticle integrity and natural properties:

  • Hair is kept in the original cuticle alignment
  • No harsh chemical treatments, dyes, or bleaches
  • Gentle steaming and conditioning treatments
  • Hand-tied wefts using high quality thread
  • Each bundle is meticulously inspected

Strict quality control and manual processing adds significant labor expenses but yields super shiny, tangle-free hair.

Factors Driving the High Prices

Some specific reasons why Peruvian hair is pricier than alternatives include:

  • Scarcity – Only a small fraction of donated hair makes the cut
  • Ethical sourcing – Donors are fully compensated
  • Labor-intensive sorting and grading – Each bundle assessed individually
  • More hand processing – Less automation preserves quality
  • Export costs – High costs of international export procedures

The extensive labor, processing, and export expenses contribute to the high price.

Cost Comparison to Other Hair Types

When comparing wholesale pricing of other popular hair types:

  • Brazilian hair bundles: $80 – $100 each
  • Malaysian hair bundles: $70 – $90 each
  • Indian hair bundles: $50 – $80 each
  • Peruvian hair bundles: $100 – $200 each

Peruvian hair is 20-50% higher priced than alternative hair options due to the meticulous production.

Price Varies by Quality Grade

Within Peruvian hair, pricing also depends heavily on the hair grade:

Grade Price Per Bundle
10A – Virgin unprocessed $180 – $250
9A – Top cuticle-intact hair $140 – $220
8A – High quality processed $100 – $150

The finest virgin grades like 10A and 9A come at a steeper price due to their untouched quality and rarity.

Worth the Investment

Despite the premium pricing, Peruvian hair offers benefits that make the investment worthwhile:

  • Looks and feels like natural African-American hair
  • Mimics relaxed/texturized hair textures
  • Soft and silky from root to ends
  • Easy styling versatility from curly to straight
  • Durable and long lasting

Once experienced, many wearers find the added expense justifiable for the exceptional results Peruvian hair delivers.

Saving Money on Bundles

Some tips to save money when purchasing Peruvian hair include:

  • Ask about bundle deals or discounted overstock hair
  • Buy in larger quantities for bulk discounts
  • Look for sales around major holidays
  • Opt for 8A grade instead of 10A grade hair
  • Reuse and re-install hair 2-3 times

With some hunting for bargains and reuse of bundles, Peruvian hair can fit into most budgets.

Getting Your Money's Worth

In summary, the exquisite texture, lasting quality, and versatile styling of the best Peruvian hair makes the splurge worthwhile for many fashionistas. Taking proper care to make bundles last maximizes the return on investment.

While not cheap, high grade Peruvian hair bundles deliver value by providing exceptional beauty, blendability, and longevity when cared for properly. The price reflects the meticulous sourcing, processing, and export costs required to bring this premium hair to market.

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