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Top 7 Best Summer Haircut Trends of 2024

The new year is always a great time to rediscover yourself with a fresh new look. Haircut trends for 2024 promise style, texture and throwback inspiration in spades. Whether you prefer low-maintenance cuts or statement-making styles, there is a trend guaranteed to make you feel like your best self. Let's break down the buzziest hair predictions according to experts at Southern Living and Behind the Chair.

Bob Cuts Reign Supreme

The bob has ruled as a cool-girl staple for years now, and its reign continues strong into 2024. BTC hairstylist Chris Jones calls for texture via layers with "Textured Lob" cuts skimming the collarbone. Southern Living also favors blunt collarbone bobs, signaling the style's dominance. Variations include a soft, curved "Old Hollywood Bob" a la the 1920s or a sharp "Mia Wallace Bob" paying homage to Pulp Fiction. micro bobs and blunt chin bobs pack maximum impact in minimal space too. Keeping bobs blunt throughout ensures thick, shiny results while contouring facial features.

Bang Trends Redefine Front Sections

Fringes enter the year with a bang! Curtain bangs emerge as the biggest trend, tracing ethereal wispy lines across faces. Bardot bangs nod to French icon Brigitte Bardot in full, sweeping style. Bottleneck bangs fall somewhere between full fringe and grown out pieces, accentuating cheekbones. Sideswept early 2000s bangs also come back in fashion for nostalgia seekers. Thick bangs are key across cuts, whether paired with baby bangs, shags or cropped cuts.

Shags and Layers Give Cuts Character

Edgy shags relish the spotlight, especially mini shags designed for curly lengths by stars like Sal Salad. Face-framing layers add oomph almost as readily as bangs do, supplying bounce and movement through texturized sections. Stylists like BTC's Rachel Fort suggest layers over choppy ends for the same volume-boosting effect. Wild, shoulder-grazing layers also emerge trendy on curls throughout 2024.

Cuts Call Back Past Eras

Retro looks pay homage to multiple decades. Short pixie cuts feel very 1960s a la Mia Farrow a la as does lightly textured crop by BTC's Bianca. Early 1970s styles flaunt soft, feathered waves for a breezy boho vibe too. Early 2000s tendrils also earn a resurgence via sultry late 90s "It Girl" layers and sideswept strands. Vintage vibes refuse to die out, giving hair history graduates new chances at past periods.

Lengths Enjoy Flexibility

Trends range in scale from micro bobs to lob-length cuts to long hair barely skimming shoulders. The latter adds oomph through flips and layers a la early 2000s heydays too. Half-up styles elevate cropped fringes or thick lob cuts into versatile, low-maintenance looks. Medium cuts appreciate shags, bangs and face-framers equally. There exists a style for any natural length or texture interest across 2024's forecast.

Timeless Staples Find New Life

While fringe and layers lead the charge, classics gain new followers too. According to Southern Living, wraps and blunt ends provide thickness, while sharp, A-line angles add polish at longer lengths. Curved, lob-skimming styles nod to bygone Tinseltown glamour meanwhile. Behind the Chair highlights an "Old Money Bob" redefining luxury alongside all-new "New Rachel" layers depicting 90s nostalgia too. Reinventions keep staples fresh all year.

Texture Rules as King

Wherever cuts may fall, one style law rings clearest – texture always texts. Whether short or long, bobs or shags, demand grows for separation, dimension and movement. Strategic layering, choppy ends and piecey fringes stimulate flattering volumes over bluntness. Skilled professionals like BTC's Ashleen Orman frame faces with razor cut shapes too. Healthy movement and separation flatter any length throughout 2024. So embrace the year of texture at your next appointment!

Summer haircut trends for 2024 promise a stylish, versatile ride. From bobs to fringes, retro spirts inspire fresh updates, while timeless looks earn new fans. Low-maintenance cuts exist alongside statement pieces for those unafraid to turn heads. With fringe, layers and texture-boosting techniques enhancing classics, every cut and length stays fabulous. So get inspired, book appointments and step into the new year feeling like your absolute best with the hottest hair forecast to guide your next look. Trends say it's time to treat yourself – your phenomenal self is waiting within all the bold, beautiful cuts of 2024.

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