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The Perming Process: Curls, Waves and Texture Magic

Achieving perfect curls, tight spirals, or loose beachy waves also requires major machinery and technical skill. Before processing, selected batches of virgin hair first undergo a chemical relaxer treatment to break and re link cysteine bonds in the keratin strands. This allows for controlled reshaping of the hair cuticle layer without heat damage later on. Each relaxer solution has a precisely calculated pH and processing time tailored for European, Asian, or Afro-textured hair types.

After rinsing and drying, curled hair enters the perming machines. Roller assemblies like giant curlers instantly clamp kilometers of hair, holding it in position as chemical activators are misted onto each strand through complex spray nozzle arrays. Only a 3 minute dwell time commands tight coils or loose S-waves to magically take shape. More processing means tighter curls, less means looser texture. Final rinses flush away residual chemicals before quality checkers run practiced hands through each roller, ensuring perfect uniformity across the entire perm lot.

Warehouse, Packing and Distribution

From the processing floors, finished hair batches embark on the return journey through underground delivery systems to the expansive multi-story warehouses. Here, pallets holding hundreds of plastic bags or bulk totes filled with uniformly colored, perfectly curled hair await organization and packing. Forklifts zip between towering steel racks as workers meticulously catalog, bundle, and palletize hair according to international quality and cosmetic standards.

Barcodes, lot numbers, certifications and customs documents accompany each finished order while packing machines rapidly case and box products. Shipping docks bustle as trucks constantly arrive and depart, transporting containers full of hair to distributors in over 150 countries worldwide. Major clients include international beauty supply conglomerates as well as individual salons, while bulk contracts also supply major wig and extension manufacturers. With efficiencies of scale, a single shift's production can yield containers full of hair products destined for five continents.

The Human Hair Production Team

Behind every bale, batch and finished bundle is an army of dedicated industrial workers who make mass hair production a reality. From raw material handlers to process technicians, supervisors, engineers and management – the entire operation at Harbin depends on coordinated teamwork. 12 hour shifts pass in a flurry of activity as employees rotate through well-practiced routines, pausing only for scheduled breaks and mandated safety trainings.

Longtime veterans train eager newcomers in specialized techniques, imparting years of accumulated knowledge. Attention to detail, consistency, and quality control remain top priorities across all departments. While physically demanding, workers also take pride in crafting products that bring confidence and joy to people worldwide. Modern facilities provide air conditioning, cafeterias, first aid stations and on-site medical support too to ensure employee wellness.

Though immense in scale, hair processing still relies on painstaking human judgment, skill, and cooperation at its core. Advancing technologies also augment human perceptiveness, for example enabling master colorists to precisely reference millions of shade combinations on computer rather than through trial and error alone. Yet even the most advanced robotics have yet to fully replicate the nuanced tactile assessments that remain uniquely human strengths. No doubt hair manufacturing will continue advancing technologically, yet its heart will likely always remain the dedicated people who make its relentless pipelines run.

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