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Men’s Wig Guide: Buying Your First Wig

While the wig industry has traditionally catered more towards women, wigs for men are growing in popularity as both a style statement and solution for hair loss. Whether exploring a bold new look or seeking to disguise thinning hair, wearing a wig can boost confidence tremendously. For first-time buyers, the process of selecting and donning a wig may seem intimidating. This thorough man wig guide aims to ease apprehensions by covering everything a man needs to know to successfully buy and wear his first quality hairpiece.


Choose Your Fiber

The first fundamental factor in wig selection is fiber type – the foundation determining texture, styling capabilities, and longevity. Both synthetic fibers and real human hair present viable options, so start by weighing your priorities:

  • Synthetic fibers emphasize affordability and ease of care over realism. They resist tangling better than human hair yet lack its lightness and natural movement. Heat tools damage synthetics.

  • Human hair closely mimics true texture yet requires regular conditioning to prevent drying, matting, or tangling over time. It looks highly convincing styled with heat tools if the fiber can withstand heat. Blends introduce low-maintenance aspects to human hair for balanced qualities.

Select a Natural Match

Whether opting for human or synthetic hair, the tone, shade, and style must suit the wearer to appear seamless. Examine your natural coloring before browsing a huge rainbow of colors to avoid overly conspicuous hues clashing with skin undertones. Consider:

  • Hair color: Do blondes, brunettes, greys or redheads best match?

  • Skin tone: Cool, warm, tan, olive or fair complexions?

  • Eye color: Blues, greens, hazels or browns?

  • Style preference: Straight, wavy, curly textures? Bobbed bangs or longer layers?

Always try several colors privately to gauge which provides the most believable imitation camouflaging lace in natural light.

Determine Your Measurements

Proper sizing makes all the difference between a noticeable wig or one passing as your own. Measure head circumference at its widest point just above the ears. Note other key sizes to ensure compatibility:

  • Ear to ear: Identifies cap width fitting across forehead.

  • Front hairline to nape: Follows profile from hairline down back of neck.

  • Temple to Temple: Circumference around widest back portion through ears.

Use these stats to check size charts from brands like Jon Renau accurately sizing realistic human hair or synthetic lace fronts. Undersized caps pinch while oversized perimeters reveal cap edges unnaturally. Accuracy avoids any shifting or discomfort during wear.

Style Selection

Once measurements determine size ranges, explore styles for the right look. Short bobs, fringes and tight curls all make great options perfecting masculine contours. Accessories like a headscarf, beanie or cap blend the transition area merging with surrounding hair. Length can be long too for openness—just secure layers with product. Some favorite men's wig options are:

  • Lightly textured cuts: Choppy layers with blended edges flatter oval features.

  • Fringes: Curtain bangs create a framing blunt line while softening squarer faces.

  • Textured bobs: Choppy graduated layers add movement and fullness without weight.

  • Tight curls: Defined ringlets accentuate masculine jaws and cheekbones.

Choose Placement Carefully

New wig-wearers often make the mistake of placing their new style too far forward or back on first wear. Correctly centered placement along the natural hairline produces a look feeling the most organic. Methods ensuring ideal placement include:

  • Measure 12 inches up from the nape and lay the wig hairline against the measuring tape.

  • Use combs or clips along sideburn area to lift hair off ears discretely but firmly.

  • Avoid tension or creases – it should lay weightlessly without strain.

  • A central part or side-swept bang directs focus forward naturally.

Proper securing methods like wig tape, clips, or non-allergenic adhesive maintain the position accurately throughout daily wear.

Evaluate Your Style

Once wig placement feels natural, stand back to assess the look in a mirror from all angles. Check for anything appearing unnatural like:

  • An unusually high or low hairline that distorts proportions

  • Wig floating off the head without touching scalp anywhere

  • Creases or bumps along hairline betraying its constructed nature

  • Excessive shine or matte texture appearing unrealistic

A blend of opaque and open wefting may help eliminate shine without looking flat. Pluck out stray hairs along hairline for increased realness as all natural heads have irregular strands. With minor tuckering adjustments, your final style will impress effortless normalcy.

Invest in Accessories

Wig wearers often adopt signature hairstyles through accessories chosen like coordinated outfits. Options for customizing your wig style include:

  • Headwraps, caps, scarves – Blend lace front edges smoothly.

  • Pins, clips, beads – Inject personality through accents placed discretely along hairline.

  • Color sprays, hair chalks – Adds dimension temporarily without damaging hair.

  • Wigs of differing lengths – Vary between short curls and longer layers situationally.

  • Toppers, half wigs, hair extensions – Layer volume creatively.

Final Prep

To complete styling before mirror smiling, gently brush over hair using fingers or a wide-tooth comb. This fluffs out every strand into place, prepping hair and scalp alike under synthetic or human textures. Setting sprays then lock style for longevity under elements or physical activity.

Wig Etiquette

Last but not least, keep conversations open without causing offense. Many see wigs as an fun, empowering form of self-expression deserving privacy too. Carry spares privately for adjusting over days. Let creative spirit discover what brings you most joy wearing your new confidence proudly!

Mastering these fundamentals for men’s wig-wearing aids making an informed choice aligned with needs and goals and paves confidence openly loving the skin you’re in. With new understanding, find joy in self-care that uplifts whole health and makes every day feel like your best yet.

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