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How To Make Your Wig Look Even More Natural?

You just purchased a new wig, and you're concerned about how natural-looking it seems. To help you create the look of your dreams, here are some tips and techniques!

At The Amazing Wig Company, you don't always need to follow these steps since our wigs are designed to appear as natural as possible with no upkeep required, but if you feel like going above and beyond to feel more at ease in your wig, here are 4 measures you may take:


Hairline and Parting Pluck

I understand that if you just got your wig, this step could seem quite frightening, but it just might transform the way you wear your wigs forever! When you observe a natural hair line, it is very seldom even and typically has a straight hairline that does not mix in well with the skin. What can you then do? Pull your wig out!

After your ideal lace front wig is delivered, separating and plucking the hairline will give you the smoothest, most seamless hairline you can possible get.

Grab your tweezers, and you can spend the whole day picking! It's that simple to get your desired appearance by using your tweezers to remove the individual hairs around the hairline and the part. To avoid being too tweezer-happy, you may do this while wearing your wig on your head or while trying it on repeatedly.


To begin, turn your wig inside out, locate the portion, and take your concealer. On the inside of the lace along the parting, concealer should be applied. Put your wig back on, check that the parting is where you want it, and then add a little extra concealer this time along the parting on the exterior of the wig. To make it seem airbrushed, apply a little powder or powder foundation around the concealer application area to ensure that everything is well blended out. Take your time, and be sure!

Never apply large quantities at once; instead apply little amounts gradually. The race is won by steadiness and pace. But, you can always wash it out, so don't worry about getting it perfect while you're still learning.


Right now, makeup is your best buddy. I guarantee that this step is a bit simpler than the previous one. You just need a thick brush and your bronzer to get started.

You put your wig on, cover it, shape it, and yet you still want that additional mix. All you need to do is take the bronzer you previously prepared, get your makeup brush from the bag, and brush bronzer down the wig's hairline. I'm done now. If you're a little more skilled, you may apply your bronzer with a thick brush along the hairline and then blend it out with a beauty blender or a softer brush. This gives the hairline depth and will help the roots and scalp merge together.

Stylish Comb Hairstyles

This advice, however, is really extra and is intended only for perfectionists who want to go above and beyond to make their wigs PERFECT.

Get a heated comb as a treat!

By doing so, you can ensure that your wig looks as natural as possible while also reducing some of that thickness.

Also, you want to be cautious with this step since it calls for heat, and not all wigs react well to heat. Always check before using heat!

Our Last Hidden Suggestions

Get some hair products like wax and mousse to add to the hair for style and taming as one of your last tips and tricks for making your wig seem as real as possible. The wig's hair may be smoothed out and tamed by adding mouse to the wig's root. To organize those stray strands, you may also buy a style wax.

But most essential, SHINE with confidence! Nothing conveys confidence more effectively than a glance.

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