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How to Give Your Human Hair Wig a Fresh Look and Feel

Hello again, and welcome to yet another wig repair-related post. She wants me to give it a new appearance and revamp the way it operates. Let's start. Therefore, I will use the paddle brush that comes with the tresseme smooth shampoo.

The bristles on my paddle brush are damp. I'm currently brushing my hair, which helps detangle it so it can be combed more easily. First, I'm going to splash some warm water on my face, and then I'll wash it with the TRESEME smooth silk shampoo. In order to ensure that all of the shampoo is dissolved, I will first put some of it into the water and then move my hands through it. The amount of time I leave the hair in the shampoo and water mixture ranges from approximately 20 to 40 minutes, and it all depends on how dirty the hair is. You can see that the water is milky white and muddy, and you can also see brown dirt; therefore, all I need to do is run my fingers through it. The next step is to wash my hair, so I will smear some shampoo on the wig, and then I will massage it with my hands in order to remove as much of the dirt as possible from the wig. After that, the step after that is to rinse the dirt off the Virgin hair styling as thoroughly as possible.

Remember to apply some shampoo to the area where you will be sealing the bag. You will want to wash off any excess powder, foundation, or sweat that has accumulated. There is also glue and gel available for use if you choose to utilize it. After that, I grabbed my paddle brush.

Simply detangling my hair is the only reason I'm brushing it right now

  1. Your hair will become less brittle and less likely to break if you use shampoo and conditioner on it first

  2. This is a further piece of advice

  3. I give this head of hair a deep cleaning because it is exceptionally grimy

  4. I need to go through the shampooing process once more

  5. This hair has been through a lot of stress and could use some extra tender loving care

I want to give this hair the best possible care that it can get. What you are looking at is a combination of my go-to hair conditioner. I mixed some in some serum. I really can't divulge the details of this top-secret recipe, but I will apply it to my head, massage my scalp with it, and then pickle my hair so that when it comes out, it will be very shiny and have a lot of movement. After that, I will quickly brush my hair to evenly distribute the product and make sure there are no tangles. Finally, I will place my hair in a plastic bag and add water before placing the bag in the microwave oven for a few minutes. After thatPlease be careful.

It is warm, and the heat has transferred to the hair a little bit. To demonstrate the additional benefits that the conditioner provides, however, I just give it a quick brush before rinsing it out. However, I find it very relaxing to brush out my hair. I don't like tangles. It's not fun for me to rip out and rip out the hair. In a short while, I'll give it a wash in some warm water. This is a very significant point. Would you like to make use of the hot water?

I am brushing it off, so that I can get the excess product out of the hair, so I will use this care essence, and I will leave everything in the following description box, I just want to rub it into the hair massage. If you use hot water, your hair has just been deeply conditioned, and you will remove all of the moisture and nutrients to ensure that you thoroughly wash your hair. To ensure that the product is distributed uniformly, I will take my brush and give it a single stroke. Then I will proceed with my normal routine of allowing the shower to finish drying my hair. The appearance of dry hair is as shown here. It looks really nice, but I can't say for sure whether or not it has those brown shadows. wholesale virgin hair (click to buy) is light and airy, making it simple to maneuver. I'm going to use this clix hair rescue essence liquid and a paddle brush on my hair.

After applying two pumps of liquid essence to my hands, I will first press it into my hair, then dry it with my hands, and finally use the brush to brush it clean. After that, I'll grab the straightening paddle brush and the blow dryer, and I'll get to work on my hair. When I straighten my hair, I always make sure to follow this tip first so that the end result is silky and smooth hair. After that, I will proceed with my usual routine and straighten my human hair weave using my Tony and Guy hair straightener. I will give it a new look.

My experience has shown that flipping it over will result in straighter hair. For some reason, I have an easier time controlling the hair straightener, but that's just me. Therefore, this is the only thing that is required of me. The temperature of this hair is 235 degrees, which is considered to be very hot; however, I will be able to straighten it out regardless of the type of hair straightener you use or how straight you want it to be. I do not intend to show you the entire clip. After being blow dried and straightened, the hair has been styled to look like this for the time being because it is sufficient. It is flowing smoothly, and it has a forward momentum. Yes, but in a moment I will explain to you how I can smooth down my hair without the use of a heated comb. So what I do is I take a very small piece of hair, and I will straighten it bit by bit. I do this until the whole head is straightened. As you can see, this method allows me to lay my  flat without the use of a hot cone; the side that I'm working on right now is extremely flat.

I won't need to cut my hair for the other side that I'm going to do because it will be facing away from the camera. I hope you'll forgive me for posting this photograph. I have no idea why it appears to be so pixelated. I am at a loss as to what the issue is with my camera. But before we get into that, I'd like to share these shares with the sharers. I just want to get my hair to the length that the customer wants, so you will need to cut it in small increments. If you don't, you risk cutting it too short, which will make you unhappy.

Therefore, what I do is make very small cuts in it. I keep looking at it, then taking a break to do something else, then coming back to check on it, and I notice that it is balanced. My hair is cut in this manner at the moment. This is the length at which the customer expresses complete contentment. I keep cutting, and each time I do, I send her photos to ensure that she is happy with the length. The hair is happy to move, so in order to complete the style, I will use the regular oil that comes from the L'Oreal ALV extruder. I will use two of these pumps to combine the oil in my palm, and then I will rub it all over my hair in order to give it some luster, remove any flash that may be present, and then complete the style.

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