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Determining the Perfect Amount of Hair Bundles

When purchasing hair bundles to create a new style, one of the most important decisions is figuring out exactly how many bundles you need. Getting this right is key to achieving the full, natural-looking style you envision. However, with so many factors to consider, it can be difficult to know for sure how many bundles will give you just the right amount of hair. This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the variables that influence bundle needs and provide tips to help you determine the perfect number of bundles.


Length of Style

One of the primary determinants of bundle needs is the overall length you want to achieve with your new style. Short styles between 8-14 inches typically only require 2 bundles and a closure or natural leave out hair. Medium lengths from 14-22 inches usually need 3 bundles and a closure. Long, flowy styles 24 inches or more generally require 4 bundles to get nice fullness and volume without looking thin.

Layered Lengths

Rather than all one uniform length, layering your bundle lengths creates a much more natural, voluminous look. For example, an 18-20-22 inch combination will appear fuller than just 3 bundles of 22 inches. The shorter pieces have denser wefts, adding body where it's needed most at the crown and top layer. Longer styles especially benefit from double wrapping the longest tier to beef things up.

Bundle Weight

While most bundles are around 3.5 ounces, the actual weight can vary and isn't always an accurate indicator of hair quantity. Multiple rubber bands or excessive packing can skew the numbers without providing more hair. Pay closer attention to bundle length, texture, and weft density to gauge fullness instead of weight alone.

Hair Texture

Texture impacts how bundles will fall and the resulting volume. Straight hair tends to lie flatter than wavy, curly or coily textures which add natural bounce. Washing and care routines can also influence body over time. For thicker, fuller looks aiming for volume, you may need to use more bundles than the length alone would suggest.

Frontals vs Closures

Frontals allow for a fuller look using slightly fewer bundles since they provide more coverage than a closure or leave out. As a general rule:

  • 8-16 inch styles with a frontal need 2 bundles minimum

  • 16-22 inch styles with a frontal need 3 bundles minimum

  • Over 22 inch styles with a frontal may benefit from 4 bundles

Closures typically require 1 additional bundle compared to frontal needs for the same style.

Achieving Perfect Volume

Getting the right balance of bundles is key to expertly full hair that doesn't look thin or overloaded. Some additional tips include:

  • Layer lengths as mentioned above for enhanced body

  • Double up on the longest tier if going over 22 inches

  • Consider texture – straight may need 1-2 more bundles than wavy/curly of the same length

  • Wash and condition bundles before installing to see actual texture and volume needs

  • Consult with an extension expert if unsure – they can accurately assess your needs

Sharing Reference Photos

When unsure how many bundles you require, share reference photos of your goal style with the vendor. Experienced stylists can quickly analyze pictures and suggest a realistic bundle count based on length, thickness shown, hair type, and more. This collaborative approach prevents ending up with either too little hair left wanting more fullness, or too much hair creating an unnatural, weighed down look.

Retaining Natural Movement

Beyond achieving your desired fullness, hair bundles should mimic natural hair's fluidity and movement. Too many bundles results in stiff, heavy locks that don't flow or part naturally. For this reason, it's better to err slightly on the side of less bundles initially. You can always add 1⁄2-1 bundle later if desiring more volume versus decreasing extra bundles already installed.

A Realistic Test Run

If still unsure exactly how full you want your final style or how many bundles are needed, do a test run using rolled stockinette caps, wig clips or partial closure before committing to a full install. This allows seeing bundle coverage, movement and volume on your head before permanent application. Any adjustments to length layering or total bundle count can then be made beforehand.

Hair Styles to Determine Bundles By

To summarize common bundle needs according to hairstyle:

  • Bob Cuts 8-14 inches: Typically 2 bundles

  • Shoulder Length 14-18 inches: Usually requires 3 bundles

  • Mid-Back Length 18-22 inches: Generally needs 3-4 bundles

  • Waist Length 22-30 inches: Commonly requires 4-5 bundles

  • Floor Length 30+ inches: May require 5-6 bundles for fullness

Of course, textures denser than straight may need slightly fewer bundles and those looser than straight may require one additional bundle compared to these estimates. Proper layering is also essential for achieving a natural volume and movement, regardless of length or bundle counts. With these guidelines in mind, along with tips shared, you'll be prepared to confidently choose how many hair bundles are needed for your own desired look. Just be sure to consult online reviews or an expert if ever unclear on amounts. Following these steps will ensure you end up with perfectly full, flowing hair bundles customized specifically to your style vision.

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