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5 Must-Have Wig Accessories for a Professional Haircut

When you wear a wig, it may seem like the only things you need are the most basic accessories, such as shampoo and conditioner, a wig cap, a comb with wide teeth, and a wig brush. On the other hand, if you intend to wear your wholesale virgin hair on a regular basis, you should consider purchasing a few additional accessories that will make wearing your wholesale virgin hair simpler and more pleasant. The experts have a few tricks up their sleeves to achieve a comfortable fit while still maintaining a polished appearance. The following are our top five insider picks for wig accessories, so you can wear and style your wig like a pro!

Styling Mousse or Styling Spray: Which Should You Use?
Even though your wig might look fantastic right out of the package, you might want to add a little bit of variety to your look by texturizing longer hair at the roots or adding a spiky look to short wigs. Both of these techniques can be found in the style section of most beauty supply stores. Applying a small amount of styling mousse to any wig is an easy way to give it more volume. When it comes to getting a good hold, we love using Brandywine Volumizing Mousse. To add texture and volume to your hair, simply pump an adequate amount of product into your hands and work it through your hair in the desired manner.

When you are finished styling your wig, you can use Brandywine Wig Styling Hair Spray to set your style and preserve it for the rest of the day. This lightweight mist will help your wig style last throughout the day, and it dries to a clear finish. Within our Wig Library, on the page devoted to the maintenance of synthetic wigs, you'll find step-by-step instructions for applying these two styling products.

Comb or Pick for Pulling Out Wigs
When you want to add more oomph to your style, a reliable wig comb is an essential component to have. The use of wigs, combs, and picks can add the appearance of sleekness while also increasing volume at the roots. The Cardani Lift Comb for Wigs & Hair Pieces is the best wig comb that we carry for adding volume and lift to hairpieces and wigs. When styling on dry hair, create a soft flow with the curl pattern, waves, or straight hair depending on your preference. Apply a final coat of the Brandywine Wig Styling Hair Spray to complete the look.

1. A Cardani Wig Pick is always a good investment, especially if you notice tangles or matted areas in your hair

2.  This is an excellent comb for synthetic as well as synthetic wigs that can withstand heat styling

3.  Start with dry hair, as you would when using the Cardani Lift Comb, and begin to carefully work the wig pick through matted strands, starting at the bottom and working your way up toward the root

4.  Large prongs that have been blunted at one end make it easier to work through tangled areas

5.  After the wig has been untangled, the hairpiece should be washed and conditioned before being placed on a  stand to air dry completely

When it comes to wearing a wig, comfort is of the utmost importance. Cushion Band Gel Headband or Wig Gripper.
Many women report that they are able to achieve the highest level of comfort when they place a barrier of some kind between their scalp and the interior of their wig cap. For the vast majority of people, this will take the form of a wig cap. There are, however, a number of different options available that can help create a barrier between your scalp and the wig cap that is even more comfortable to wear.

The Wig Gripper is a soft velour headband that can be worn comfortably and serves more than one function. Not only does it help you feel more comfortable, but it also prevents your virgin hair from falling off your head when you move. Because of its gentle texture, it is an excellent choice for use on balding scalps.

Wig wearers have expressed a strong preference for our Cushion Band Gel Headband. It creates a comfortable barrier between the head and the wig cap to assist in relieving pressure points, lowering shear forces, and preventing pressure sores from developing. It does not irritate sensitive skin and the one-of-a-kind gel construction molds to the shape of your head to provide the coziest fit possible when you are wearing your wig.

Chin Strap for Wigs
Many people who wear wigs are unaware of the fact that it is much simpler to style a wig while it is still on the head. Because of this, you are able to achieve the most natural look possible by adapting your style to what appears to work best on your body. On the other hand, if you comb, tease, or otherwise manipulate the product you're using in your  with your fingertips, it may become dislodged from its proper position on your head. Utilizing a chin strap to keep your wig in place is the least complicated solution to this issue that can be found.

Wig Chin Straps are simple to apply and remove. To secure the wig, you just need to clip each end of the strap to the ear tabs of your wig, and then adjust the bottom of the strap so that it is as tight as possible. After you have finished styling your wig, all you have to do is remove the clips from the ear tabs, and you are ready to show off your newly styled wig!

Bottle for Spraying
The very best tool for styling your wig is a spray bottle that is filled with lukewarm or cold water and is kept clean. The strands of your wig can be given new life and you'll save yourself the trouble of washing the whole thing if you just give it a quick spritz with some plain old water. If you want your style to look its absolute best, you should consider investing in a spray bottle that will allow you to precisely target the areas that need water. After smoothing the strands with the spray, use a wig comb with wide teeth to detangle the hair and then style it as desired.

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