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10 methods to teach you how to take better care of wigs

Many people will wear wigs in life, and wigs also bring more convenience and beauty to our life. But how can we take care of wigs better?

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10 Methods To Teach You How To Take Better Care of wigs

① Although the real hair wig is the same as our own hair, Xiao Bian does not recommend personal perm and modification. If you really want to change your hairstyle, I suggest you go to the store and ask a professional person to deal with it.

② Use the special shampoo and care kit for wigs. After use, the wigs can become smooth and bright, prevent static electricity, and keep the wigs moist all the time! (If you don't know how to wash and care, you can also take Maibo wig to the store for free after-sales maintenance)

③ Comb gently. The wig cover should be combed before use, and it can be combed slightly after wearing the wig cover. Generally, it is better to comb wigs with sparse combs, and the method of oblique combing shall be adopted when combing wigs.

④ Don't use your own hairpin. In order to prevent the wig cover from blowing away in the strong wind, some people like to clip their wigs with their hairpins. However, hair clips are used for nets that are easy to snag wigs. Therefore, it is better to use a professional wig clip, or use decorative hair bands to fix the wig

⑤ A small amount of hair loss in the process of dressing and wearing is a normal phenomenon.

⑥ It can be washed and dried if not worn at ordinary times, and then put in the original package; Just put it on when you wear it.

⑦ Wigs can be tied up, but they can't be tied too high, or their real hair will come out~

⑧ When combing a long wig, you should divide it into several sections and comb it section by section from bottom to top. It must be light and patient.

⑨ If the wig is knotted and not easy to comb after being used for a long time, do not pull it hard. You should properly give the wig a deep maintenance.

⑩ Be careful not to spray a large amount of gel water, hair wax and other styling agents on the wig, which will make the wig sticky; A small amount of spray can better keep the wig in shape!

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